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AMVC Veterinary Services Audubon, IA 50025

Animals Treated Bird, Cat, Cattle, Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Dog, Goat, Sheep, Horse, Llama, Alpaca, Camel, Pig, Rabbit, Sugar Glider, Ferret, Snake, Turtle, Frog, Lizard Medical Services Complementary Therapies, Dewclaw Removal, Geriatric/Senior Patient Care, Hoof Care, Internal Medicine, Laboratory Services, Lameness Exams, Orthopedics, Pharmacy Services, Pre-purchase Exams, Rehabilitation Therapy, Sports Therapy, Wellness Exams Reproductive Services Artificial Insemination, Breeding Soundness Exams, Pregnancy Testing, Semen Collection & Transport, Surgical Insemination, Trans-cervical Insemination, Uterine Biopsies

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